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Lock-Block™ Canada Ltd. (LBC) is currently offering different licensing opportunities within Canada, the US, and some international countries. Whether you are a ready-mix company, a pre-cast company or an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity, LBC can customize a license plan to suit your requirements. Be a part of the recycling movement and a part of our quest to reduce and re-purpose waste. Our authorized licensees are helping to meet the growing demand for re purposing waste materials while producing an engineered product that is high in demand throughout the construction industry, highway projects, farm operations, landscaping, and other markets.

At the present time there is a demand from the ready-mix industry for independent service station locations to be available and set up to accept their surplus concrete. A license of our technology and system allows our licensees to quickly set up operations with professionally engineered precision forms and top-grade lifting hooks that have a safety factor of 8-1, for accepting the excess leftover concrete from the ready-mix industry. The leftover concrete is derived from surplus concrete delivered to the site, cancelled loads, or rejected loads. Surplus ready-mix is a problem for industry to dispose of, whether it is in the form of wet ready-mix or the hardened form of concrete rubble it becomes. Ready-mix companies have environmental compliance and strict regulations to consider when dealing with excess waste concrete in their yards. LBC has been working with industry for 36 years, and has been providing an alternative to dumping wet concrete on the ground, and then having to deal with these stockpiles of rubble by either crushing or dumping in a landfill. In addition, LBC's system provides an immediate reduction of environmental concerns by containing waste rather than dumping it.

Due to the high demand for the Lock-Block retaining wall system, opportunities have been created for new pre-cast companies to join the Lock-Block group to meet market demand through licensing opportunities. The Lock-Block system is a simple system allowing licensees to quickly setup a new operation, or to add to an existing pre-cast operation. Licensed LBC's forms can be used to pour blocks made from surplus concrete, as well as with specified strength fresh concrete to satisfy engineers and developers looking for guaranteed specifications for their projects.

All Lock-Block concrete units are made with precision forms and top-grade lifting hooks that were designed by professional engineers and have a minimum safety factor of 8-1.

Our team can help you to assess the right start-up for your space and area needs.


30 Lock-Block precision forms and an inventory of lifting hooks