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You are not a landfill, so don't stockpile material like you are!

Lock-Block™ Canada Ltd. is offering a solution for you to re-purpose your surplus concrete materials instead of turning your yard into a landfill by stockpiling excess concrete rubble.

Environmental compliance and regulations can be daunting, and our system will assist in your compliance requirements.

Surplus concrete does not have to be waste. Our system is a simple solution to turn your waste into a professionally engineered product for use in your own plant operations and a product that has multiple uses in the construction industry, highway projects, farm operations, landscaping and other markets, as well as creating a new revenue stream. Our system is used by engineers and governments North America-wide to solve slide, highway construction projects, flood barriers, and erosion problems, and has become a mainstay in the construction industry.

Whether you’re looking to reduce waste as part of an effort to improve operations, to comply with environmental regulations or to clean up your site, we can help you to address your issues and develop a simple solution.

Another option we offer is to have an independent service centre set-up in your own yard. This option can provide you with additional revenue and a solution to your waste.

Lock-Block Canada Ltd. is currently working on a business plan to assist ready-mix companies with their clean-up and environmental concerns with their leftover ready-mix by setting up a quick start service facility within their own property boundaries. This will eliminate travel from a job site to an off-site service centre, saving time and money. The system will allow trucks to return to their own yard and quickly unload their surplus into forms and be ready for reloading at the batch plant for their next customer.

We can quickly set up one of these service facilities in the space that your rubble piles now occupy, approximately ½-acre. The system allows the ready-mix plant to focus on what they are best at, which is selling ready-mix. The time and expense of dumping ready-mix on the ground is unnecessary and inefficient. It gets trucks back to the batch plant quickly, but the cost of clean-up with both loader time and stockpiling the rubble to either haul out for disposal or crushing later only adds to the plant's overhead. With the Lock-Block System, the ready-mix is dealt with as it arrives back at the yard, and does not require any further efforts by the ready-mix company.

With this quick start independent service facility plan option, Lock-Block Canada Ltd. will pay for each block form filled by the ready-mix trucks, which would generate a new revenue stream to the ready-mix plant rather than a compounded expense added to each meter dumped.

Cut waste, eliminate rubble stockpiles and improve operations by reducing the need to deal with surplus concrete.