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Let's talk about the money in the waste stream.

Concrete is the most common building material on earth.
According to Statistics Canada, about 50 million cubic meters of concrete are produced here in Canada alone. The National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) calculates that Three to five percent of all concrete ordered is returned to the ready-mix plant for disposal. This estimate makes sense because contractors routinely over-order concrete to ensure they have enough to finish pours. Entire loads of concrete are sent back if a crane breaks down, a form blows out, or the concrete is too old or sloppy.

All this concrete is worth a great deal of money, depending on the type of concrete, based on the NRMCA estimates and market price between $225 to 375 million dollars annually in Canada.

But… (and it's a big but) to the ready-mix producer, it's worth far less than zero.
Why? Because it takes time, costs money, and is a huge hassle to get rid of it.
Let's go into some detail, so you understand their issues:

The role of time - Three reasons why waste concrete has to come off the truck ASAP are:

  1. The truck must be emptied so it can be reloaded for another delivery.
  2. Waste concrete can flash set inside the mixer drum depending on its age and temperature.
  3. It’s late in the workday, and ready-mix drivers and yard staff are working overtime.

How money factors - if there is room at the ready-mix plant, Waste concrete can be dumped in a long pile on the ground called a windrow. The next day, a front-end loader breaks this windrow into pieces, piles this rubble into a stockpile and loads them onto a dump truck. This rubble is then trucked to a pay-as-you-go landfill or specialized concrete recycling facility. All these handling, transport, and dump fees add up to a bunch of money. It gets worse because it also ties up valuable yard space, equipment, and labour.

How hassle factors - to reduce these disposal costs, some ready-mix producers produce low-grade cheap rubble blocks, some of which kind of look like our Lock-Block Engineered Building system to the untrained eye.

Here's the hassle: Ready-mix drivers back up and discharge their waste concrete into empty metal block forms bought, paid for, and maintained by the concrete company. If the driver arrives and all the block forms are already filled, the concrete is dumped on the ground. The savings go out the window.

The following morning the yard staff and a front-end loader operator get busy to strip the blocks out of the forms, stack them somewhere in the yard, and then clean, assemble, and oil the forms to get them ready for the next cycle.

Meanwhile, back in the office, sales and dispatch staff are working to find a buyer so the blocks don't clog up the yard.

When these blocks are finally sold, the front-end loader loads them onto a flat deck truck parked in the middle of the yard. This activity takes the front-end loader off its task of loading aggregates into the plant or pushing up the stockpiles.

The core of the problem is trying to operate a precast concrete casting yard in the middle of the heavy equipment chaos of a ready-mix concrete depot with no time or extra personnel required to deal with yesterday’s concrete. In short, it's a giant hassle and a safety concern for concrete producers to make, store, sell, and ship rubble blocks for their meagre margins. Ready mix producers are in the business of selling ready-mix not precast products.

Where do you fit in? So if you've got this far in this discussion, you understand that there is an excellent opportunity to ease some of the pain these ready-mix producers experience. It's been said that “Another business's pain is always an opportunity”

How do our service centres help the ready-mix concrete producers?

For the past 38 years, our licensees have harvested this lucrative waste stream, saved the ready-mix industry millions in disposal costs and made millions of dollars in profit while doing it.

How? By setting up a waste concrete service yard and producing the Lock-Block Engineered Building Systems.

We have built a trusted brand with millions of our blocks in service throughout North America.

Some have tried to copy us, but none have come close to our innovative low-maintenance, hassle-free concrete forms, optional patented post-reinforcement system, and proven business models.

We know a proven demand for our product exists across Canada, and we still have some territories available.

Where? We have various opportunities available in all the Canadian Provinces. We also have some territories available in the USA.

How much does a license cost? Licenses are based on the population of the Territory. The greater the number of people, the higher the license cost.

Securing a License for a territory means you and your investment are protected by contract and law. It's an asset and an assurance that our relationship with you is fair and square.

What can I do with a license? You are free to develop your market by setting up satellite operations and sublicensees within your Territory. You can also negotiate Options for Licenses for surrounding territories if expansion is part of your game plan.

How much support do I get? We are vested in your success because our revenue is tied to your production. We also work behind the scenes with Engineers in your Territory to secure project specifications and pursue government agency approvals. We win if you win.

We don't want to waste your time or money. If we determine that you have the necessary capital, skills and drive, we will teach you how to succeed in this business. We will be honest with you if we don't think you will cut it.

How do I get the concrete? When you choose your territory, we get to work to match you with local ready-mix producers. We contact these companies to ensure that before you make your investment in time and money, that there is concrete available. We make the introductions and you maintain the relationships.

What's the deal in a nutshell?

Interested? We can show you a typical business plan for any available territory.

Want more detail? Contact us, sign a Non-disclosure Agreement, and we can show you how the business works and the numbers work.

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